The journalist Ahmed Moussa attacked the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, after the latter published a video in which he announced that he had received a call stating that the state had kept his money in a bank.

During his presentation of the Saturday episode of the “On My Responsibility” program on the Sada Al-Balad channel, Ahmed Moussa broadcast the video of Muhammad Ramadan and commented: “Of course he is a fraud and a liar. 6 million pounds, this amount will be frozen.

He added: “The crime he committed because he spread rumors that the state had seized his money, so I did not have a court ruling, you fraudulent, if you do not want to defame Egyptian banks and offend them, their reputation, and the Egyptian economy.”

He continued, “What he said deserves punishment because the law says that. Rumors, false news, broadcasting such and such and harming the national economy, this is a blow to the national economy.”


Jacob Taylor

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