Kate Winslet rebels against digital retouching and shows herself naturally

The Hollywood industry is definitely changing little by little, but there is still a lot of resistance to showing the real bodies of actresses and actors and it is something that you just experienced. Kate Winslet. The movie star rebelled against digital retouching when in his latest series the director raised the possibility of modify some parts of your body.

The diva is the main face of Mare of Easttown, the series that is currently breaking it and although it has received hundreds of positive reviews, Kate Winslet she had to stop those who wanted to sell an unreal image of herself. The first suggestion was to reduce his lines of expression, to later receive the idea of ​​digitally retouching his natural abdomen.

During a review, the director of the series, Craig Zobel suggested editing an intimate scene that the actress shares with Guy Pearce. Don’t even think about it, she replied when she heard him give her the possibility of editing her body to prevent it from coming out as it is and she defended her position.

According to said Kate Winslet, the public has been too used to seeing the usual actors with the image they had when they became famous and this is a wrong look. Her decision is supported by the fact that the current image fits perfectly with her character and how people connect with her: she is a fully functional woman who has some problems and whose body and face move in a way according to her age and origin.

On the other hand, this is not something new for the star of Titanic Well, in an interview she gave in 2008, she confessed that in the filming of the movie that raised her to fame in 1997, she felt out of place, since all the actresses of the moment were extremely thin and she was not. I was fat and I didn’t know any actress who was too. That’s why I didn’t see myself in the world of cinema, if I’m honest, he said.

Jacob Taylor

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