Reconstruction of ancestors according to skeletal remains: Models formerly »born«

Spicy is the story of how experts examined the age of the skull. At first they thought it was a 30,000-year-old skeletal remains, then they included the find in the period 13,000 years ago. Among other things, the glue with which the individual parts were blinded caused a problem in the diagnostics. When radiocarbon dating was performed twenty years ago, it showed genetically different years, but also a different species.

The glue bore cow tracks, resp. Bovine DNA. Everything came up, but the scientific community was, of course, amused. We now know that this is a human species slightly “cut” by a Neanderthal. And we should also know that in each of us there are about two to three percent Neanderthals, that’s just the way it is! The lady is about 35,000 years old, waiting for her name and for the time being her name is the Golden Horse. The National Museum has launched a survey on social networks in which people can suggest a name for the model. At present, the skull and the model are named, according to scientific standards, based on the locality where the remains were found, ie the natural monuments Zlatý kůň. Proposals can be sent until June 10.


A study of the saint’s skull has given this flattering and remarkable appearance. But it was not easy, the relics are the property of the church and, as is well known, it does not wish enlightened research much. Anthropologist Eva Vaníčková, together with sculptor Ondřej Bílek, finally created this beautiful face of Jan Nepomucký after anabase of applications and approval. We can find it in the Nepomuk Museum.

You can find the whole article in printed form of Sunday Aha! (June 6, 2021)

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