TEST: What new June K-Drama should you start watching?

You will not want to miss the new dramas that are about to begin in the coming days of June, we help you find the ideal alternative according to your preferences in entertainment.

You will have at your fingertips many productions and each one has something special, although the month has just begun, there are already several productions that are stealing the eyes of the fans of the K-Dramas and one of them could accompany you in your spare time to fill them with emotion.

However, time is not always enough to enjoy all the dramas that begin to be broadcast and, in addition, we must consider that many productions only began a few weeks ago.

For that reason, we believe that you will have to choose between that new serie Korean to fill you with joy and follow the adventures of some characters. Some of them might make you feel identified, while others will surprise you by how unexpected their actions are.

Answer this test and write down your answers, when you finish check which letter you chose more times. At the end you will find the ideal drama for you and also the synopses of several of the premieres from June.

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Choose the best drama to see on air since June

1. What would you like to see in your next drama?

  • A) A youthful story
  • B) Stories of love and friendship
  • C) A funny school plot
  • D) Much drama and betrayal

2. Your drama should be …

  • A) Romantic
  • B) With many teachings
  • C) Lightweight and easy to enjoy
  • D) Of suspense and tension

3. Generally what kind of themes do you like to see in K-Dramas?

  • A) School life
  • B) Work life
  • C) Friendship
  • D) Family problems

4. What cliche makes any K-drama an interesting story?

  • A) Forbidden love
  • B) From friendship to love
  • C) Living under the same roof
  • D) Enemies gathered by fate

5. Pick a drama that you really enjoyed.

  • A) Love Alarm
  • B) Romance Is a Bonus Book
  • C) True Beauty
  • D) Vincenzo

6. How would you like to see your drama?

  • A) With my sister or BFF
  • B) With my mom
  • C) Alone
  • Unequal

7. What do you think of romantic dramas?

  • A) They are my favorites
  • B) I quite like them, but I like diverse stories
  • C) I’m not that much of a fan, I prefer other stories
  • D) I like that love is present, but not that it is the main theme


Park Jae Uhm and Yoo Na Bi have very different perspectives on love, they are both students but while he is a confident and charismatic boy who is not interested in serious relationships, she just suffered a broken heart that made her stop believing in him Romance. What will happen when their paths meet? This drama is starring Song Kang y Han So Hee.

Premiere: June 20

Hospital Playlist

The second season is about to be released, but if you did not see the first stage, you have time to do so since it has only 12 episodes. It tells the story of five friends who have known each other since college and now all work as doctors in the same hospital, they love to spend time together so we see them go out to have fun and even get together to perform fascinating songs.

Premiere: June 17

So Not Worth It

This is the new Netflix original sitcom, it transports us to a university dormitory where students of different nationalities meet, but all of them share a special relationship with South Korea due to their origin, their dreams, hobbies or their destination.

Premiere: June 18

The Penthouse 3

The third installment of the drama has already begun airing and we will be able to witness more adventures, intrigue and betrayal. The story centers on a group of upper-class people who face each other and use all their resources to excel, as well as to eliminate any obstacles in their path.

Premiere: June 4

If you want to know other Korean dramas that will air this month then here we tell you all about these premieres.


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