“Angela Merkel – Ms. Federal Chancellor”: XXL documentary from June 29 on TVNOW


The end of an era

5-part documentary about Chancellor Angela Merkel

Exclusively for TVNOW In collaboration with UFA Fiction, the UFA Documentary produced a five-part documentary about the life story of Angela Merkel. The author is Stefan Aust, journalist and publisher of “WELT” and “WELT AM SONNTAG”, as well as the longstanding editor-in-chief of the news magazine “DER SPIEGEL”. His co-author is Katrin Klocke, who has been the senior editor of “SPIEGEL TV” for many years.

We have seldom seen Angela Merkel so privately

“Angela Merkel – Ms. Federal Chancellor” is the story of an extraordinary power politician in an exciting political time. The five-part documentary chronologically traces Angela Merkel’s eventful life using archive recordings. From her birth and growing up in socialism, the turnaround, the rise in the CDU to party leadership and chancellorship. What made up her time and what influence did she have on German and international politics – and what decisions will she make in the minds of Germans?

Stefan Aust and Katrin Klocke show, arrange and condense recordings that have seldom been seen of the first woman in the Federal Chancellery. The result is the largest and most comprehensive film portrait to date of Angela Merkel, whose long term in office was anything but free from numerous trials and crises.

Stefan Aust on “Angela Merkel – Federal Chancellor”

“The documentary shows the political adventure of a woman from the East with an ecclesiastical-socialist background, adapted to the system of the GDR, who seized her chance at the time of reunification and fought her way to the top of a party with which she originally had little agreement She was stronger than the men in her party and left many of them on the fringes of history. She changed, modernized the party, expanded it to the left – and thus left room for right-wing parties on the right edge Likewise, the SPD, the political landscape after Merkel is different than before her time. “

Stream “Angela Merkel – Ms. Chancellor” on TVNOW

The documentary “Angela Merkel – Frau Bundeskanzlerin” will be available for streaming on June 29, 2021 on TVNOW.


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