Backless: Backless bra: These models provide a beautiful view – and the necessary support

A generous neckline lets you look deep, and that doesn’t just apply to your cleavage. A beautiful back can also delight – provided you wear the right bra: it should not be visible to the naked eye, but still serve its purpose.

Backless dresses are not part of the current fashion trends in 2021, but they have nonetheless secured a permanent place in the fashion industry. The same applies to backless tops, which are particularly evident in the warm summer months – and with them numerous bra closures. There are special models that have been developed for precisely this purpose: They should reveal a deep cut in the back and still support a woman’s breasts as usual. This article explains in detail what makes fashionable clothes different and what you should consider when buying a backless bra.

This is where the backless bras differ

A backless bra should meet the same criteria as a normal one – otherwise you could leave it out entirely. In addition to the typical support function, the cups are essential for a well-fitting brassiere. But what specifically distinguishes it and how does it differ from a classic model? We would like to introduce you to a small selection:

  • Usually, the closure of a bra is centered under the shoulder blades – and thus comes out when you wear a dress or top with a plunging neckline. Unless you have a backless one Bra with lower fastening: The Ultimate Backless Bra from Wonderbra is a good example here. It is available in two colors (beige and black) and four cup sizes (A to D) and can be individually adapted to your figure without slipping.

  • So-called ones come without a straps or band Stick on bras from: As the name suggests, the cups have a kind of sticky surface so that they stick to the bosom. Depending on the manufacturer, there are Models with clip closure between the breasts to conjure up a nice cleavage. But there are also backless bras with laces that provide the desired push-up effect. It is important to know that some cups have to be cleaned after they have been worn – and the liability can deteriorate over time. In addition, the skin must be completely free of grease so that an adhesive bra can stick to it. In other words, you shouldn’t put lotion or oil on yourself before wearing it.

  • And then there are also special ones Bra extensionsthat can be used with (almost) all models: The Low Back Straps – that’s the technical term – are hooked onto the clasp and crossed over on the belly. As a result, the bra sits much lower on the back and is therefore no longer visible if you are wearing a low-cut dress or top. Here, too, there are models in different colors (black, beige and transparent) so that you can optically adapt the extension to your bra and your taste.

  • As an alternative to a backless bra, there is the Nipple Covers. Its only purpose is to cover the nipples so they cannot be seen under a thin dress or top – unless you wear anything underneath. They do not have any support function and do not replace a bra, so they are only to be understood as practical accessories.

And one more note at the end: Adhesive bras are suitable for women with small breasts, as these do not have a high support function and therefore cannot offer optimal support. For women with a slightly larger bust, backless bras with adjustable straps are the better choice.

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