Die Toten Hosen: These band anniversary tours are scheduled for 2022

2022 will be the year of the anniversary tours. In addition to Die Toten Hosen, Die Doctors and Die Fantastischen Vier also rock the concert stages.

2022 will apparently be a big anniversary year, because numerous bands have announced their birthday tours for the coming year. Last gave on Sunday Die Toten Hosen (since 1982, “days like these”) known to frontman Campino (58) the eleven dates of the “Alles aus Liebe – 40 years Die Toten Hosen” tour. The concerts of the German-speaking punk rock group begin on June 10th in Cologne and end on September 10th in Minden.

20 years of Culcha Candela

The Berlin hip-hop reggae band Culcha Candela (since 2002, “Hamma!”) Is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a band next year. The specific dates are not yet known, but Mateo Jasik (42), Johnny Strange (38) and Co. are full of timid anticipation. “As a band we would be very happy to play an anniversary tour. And we look forward to the feeling of being in a poorly ventilated room with someone else’s sweat,” they said in an interview with spot on news at the end of May.

30 years of the princes

The princes (since 1991) announced in mid-May started a big tour of Germany with Sebastian Krumbiegel (54), Tobias Künzel (56), Wolfgang Lenk (54), Jens Sembdner (54), Henri Schmidt (53), Mathias Dietrich (56) and Alexander “Ali” Zieme (50 ) Will celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2022/2023. “30 Years – 30 Hits – 30 Cities” is the name of the tour that the Leipzigers start on June 11, 2022 in Büsum and end on June 10, 2023 in Dresden.

30 years of the fantastic four

The Fantastischen Vier (since 1989) have been postponing their “30 Years Live” anniversary tour for a while. A month ago, Smudo (52), Michi Beck (53), Thomas D (52) and And.Ypsilon (53) announced that it would not take place until 2022. “Together with you we want to celebrate our anniversary appropriately – responsibly and without fears. Since this is not possible on this scale in 2021, the tour will take place in 2022”, it still says on the band side. It starts on May 13th in Bonn. The last currently announced concert of this tour will take place on July 15, 2022 in Frankfurt.

40 years of Die Ärzte

And also the Berlin punk rock band Die Ärzte (since 1982) have according to the homepage a lot in the coming year: From May 7th to August 28th 2022, 13 “Berlin Tour MMXXII” performances are planned only in the capital. Between June 3rd (Hanover) and September 17th (Nohfelden-Bosen) there will be 15 more “Buffalo Bill in Rome” concerts – including another one in Berlin. This was announced by Farin Urlaub (57), Bela B. (58) and Rodrigo González (53) in April.

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