Ex-Bachelorette candidate Chris Kunkel is looking for great love on “First Dates”


With THIS topic Christin lands no hit with Chris

Will Chris still succumb to Christin’s beaming smile?

So now we know that Chris and Christin don’t swim on a wave musically at all. Chris himself only comments on the realization with the words: “Oh God !!” But well, no relationship is perfect. Otherwise, the two seem to be at least at the beginning of their date “First Dates” 2021 totally on a wave and grin at each other with an almost slightly amorous twinkle in their eyes.

But will Chris bet on a meeting after the show this time or, as with his participation in “The Bachelorette”, leave the field himself? The finish can be seen here again in the video.

In the video: Chris goes voluntarily – no feelings for Nadine

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Whether Chris Kunkel will finally find his great love on “First Dates” will be announced on June 7th from 6:00 pm on VOX on TV and can also be seen in the stream on TVNOW at any time.


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