The couple was beautiful, but it’s over! This morning whoever opened Twitter saw the names of Liam Payne and Maya Henry among the most talked about. They were engaged, but unfortunately the news was not good. Their breakup is real and has been confirmed by the singer himself. In a statement, Liam Payne blames himself, admitting he is not very good at relationships. He wants Maya to be happy. Read in full: I feel more than anything right now, I’m more disappointed in myself for continuing to hurt people. It annoys me. I just haven’t been very good at relationships. And I know my pattern of things with relationships right now. I’m just not very good at them, so I need to work on myself before putting myself on someone else. That’s what happened to my last relationship. I just wasn’t giving a very good version of myself anymore. I feel better without it. I didnt feel good doing what I did, but it had to happen. Just a cheesy way of saying it was best for both of us. I hope she is happy. “ Photo: Getty Images for The Business of Fashion At the same time as this talk, a podcast, Liam spoke about his relationship with alcohol: “I made my own choices in life being an alcoholic and much more. Those were my choices, so it needn’t be regrettable, just like there was a sacrifice. And I know what I sacrificed to be here.” He admits that he didn’t want to seek professional help: “I didn’t want to go to therapy, that’s something you need to want because it’s no use pushing you into it, like sobriety you need to want it. This time I’m making myself go to therapy, even if a part of me doesn’t want to. Liam’s marriage proposal to Maya had taken place in August of last year, including a ring valued at R$22 million. They had been together since 2018, shortly after the end of his marriage to Cheryl, with whom he has a son, Bear, now 4 years old. Repercussion See what people are saying on the subject: I can’t believe Lima and Maya broke up (@goldenfallz) June 7, 2021 Liam and Maya, give your hearts the time to recover , the future belongs to God, I hope that maybe one day you will find yourselves more confident and decisive.
A beautiful couple but the reality of the relationship is just you know, independent they’re here to support them Carol (@ALoucaSurtada1) June 7, 2021 Liam and Maya broke up and I’m here, just like the hull
s sadness duda (@_onlywalls) June 7, 2021 Seriously, I feel DISGUSTED who’s happy with Liam and Maya’s breakup, he wasn’t happy talking about, ngm knows the reasons for the breakup and Another one is that Liam said so many important things and just close your eyes to it and summarize things the ship is ridiculous, have the least sense Sabrina | PACK NOVA (@safewallst) June 7, 2021 sad but it’s over, hope liam is okay, and may he mature, grow, and learn from his mistakes, I wish maya and liam all the success in the world
HERE FOR LIAM Oliv (@tommozhabits) June 7, 2021 I woke up and liam and maya ended their relationship, I want to disappear vicria ta block (@angeldoharold) June 7, 2021 I just woke up and I see that Lee and maya are done… I can’t believe it :((I just wanted to give my babies a hug I hope they’re happy… The week has barely started and I’m already sad pqp. Bela (@ BeelaStylinson) June 7, 2021

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