Tatort: ​​The third skin: Are the homeless in the Berlin crime thriller real?

In “Tatort: ​​The Third Skin”, the fates of Berlin homeless people are faded in. Director Norbert ter Hall reveals whether they are real.

“Many of the homeless people in our history actually live on the streets,” explains director Norbert ter Hall (54) about the documentary elements shown in “Tatort: ​​The Third Skin” (6.6., The first):

For example, “I would like to be a hairdresser” is written next to a picture of “Alex, 38 years, 1 year, 5 months on the street”. Or: “I would like more humanity, especially in times of Corona,” “Marco” is quoted as saying. He is “43 years, 1 year on the road, for the 3rd time”. And the 30-year-old Benjamin has been living on the street for a year and says: “Mom, Dad, I’m thinking of you. I’m still around.”

Documentary character of the film

There are even more tricks that underline the documentary character of the film: “The action takes place on streets, squares, under bridges and in public transport in Berlin amidst the passers-by,” explains the Dutchman, who has been in Berlin for “twelve years at times” go on living.

Because the story of this episode plays so much “in the here and now of Berlin’s life situation”, he tried to integrate daily life in the city into the story as much as possible and to “blur the line between fiction and reality,” so ter Hall.

Corona is also integrated

In the film, shot in autumn 2020, the effects of the corona pandemic on life are also shown in a fairly real way. “It is the 51st year of the ‘Tatort’ and since every episode – in my opinion – also tells part of the history of Germany, I wanted to play a role in the present with its corona measures, the mouth and nose masks and plexiglass umbrellas let “is how the director explains his approach to the subject. This episode will be “a memory of a time” that will hopefully change again soon, continues Norbert ter Hall.

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