"tears in the eyes": Weight almost halved: Reiner Calmund reports of an emotional moment after the operation

"tears in the eyes": Weight almost halved: Reiner Calmund reports of an emotional moment after the operation
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Especially for the sake of his family, Reiner Calmund radically reduced his weight. Now the former soccer manager is talking about a touching experience after the operation, in which his fat apron was removed.

For many years Reiner Calmund was famous for his enormous corpulence – but now the former soccer manager is hardly recognizable. Last year, on the advice of his doctor, the 72-year-old had lost 69 kilograms within ten months. A stomach reduction, which he had undergone at the beginning of 2020, was decisive for this.

Now, with an operation, Calmund had his fat apron removed, which was reminiscent of his former overweight. In a four-hour operation, the more than eleven kilograms of skin was removed. For Calmund, who only weighs 90 kilograms, it is also an emotional affair. “The next day I stood on the balcony of the clinic with tears in my eyes”he said “t-online.de”: “With relief, not with pain, not with grief, with relief because my little one was standing downstairs, my Nisha and I waved so vigorously.”

Reiner Calmund reduced weight from 172 to 90 kilograms

This experience after the operation touched him very much, said Calmund. Had the now ten year old child “Calli” and his wife Sylvia adopted from Thailand in 2013 at the age of two. Calmund survived the operation at Bonn University Clinic in mid-May and was able to get out of bed after a few hours. “”I hope this was the last procedure. In any case, it is the last planned operation”said Calmund.

Before his stomach reduction, the former manager of the Bundesliga soccer team Bayer Leverkusen had weighed 172 kilos. Mainly because of health problems, he had declared war on the excess pounds – and because of his family. With his new weight he feels himself “sauwohl”said Calmund RTL.

Swell: “t-online.de” / RTL

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