Ana Marta Contente, Betinha from the soap opera ‘Festa é Festa’, on TVI, was chatting with Manuel Luís Goucha and couldn’t hold back her tears when talking about her childhood at school.

Manuel Luís Goucha received on his TVI afternoon program, Ana Marta Contente, the Betinha from TVI’s soap opera ‘Festa é Festa. The actress could not contain her tears when talking about her childhood at school.

Ana Marta Contente opened her heart to the presenter and confessed that she passed “eight horrible years” due to the behavior that colleagues had with her. During the conversation, the actress was surprised by messages from some friends and also from a professor at the college. “The last girl who showed up was my best friend in kindergarten and then I changed schools. I had about eight horrible years”, she said emotionally.

“When I went to 9th grade, I met these people who are pearls. Having friends and making real friends is a very difficult thing. I was very lucky”, he told, in tears. Manuel Luís Goucha questioned Ana Marta Contente if she had been a victim of bullying. And the actress spoke of the hell she lived as a child.

“I wouldn’t say bullying well, because it wasn’t directly. The only times I was told directly ended up in arguments. See when two kids fight and it’s all around? This happened to me, but without the beating. What happened was far behind. There was a common effort for everything I made to go wrong. And it was from the people closest to me. That’s what cost more”, revealed.

And added: “Whenever I met someone new, whenever I approached someone, the first thing I was told was ‘Oh, after all, you’re not what they say’.”

Manuel Luís Goucha wanted to know if the actress was hiding what she was going through at school or if she shared it at home with her parents. “For a long time, nobody realized what was going on and I didn’t even know the impact it had on me. But when you don’t deal with things, they come here to force you to deal with them”, he concluded, with tears on his face.

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