One of the most talked about and spit on winners in the competition “Miss Bulgaria” Antonia Petrova get older. And this is evident despite the filters used on her face in the photos. It’s just that the lady’s appearance looks years more mature than her real age.

As we know, Antonia Petrova is 37 years old, but at the competition more than ten years ago, everyone made her bigger than she is. Users on the network are adamant that no matter how hard she weighs, her gene is a gene.

“Yes, Totsa definitely has a good gene in terms of figure – she is tall and thin. But God does not give you everything and she is definitely not young. She always looked older than her years, which will be a very bad joke for her in the future. “ comment on the forums.

What is the reason for her aged appearance. SEE HERE.

Jacob Taylor

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