Deadly scandal in Ústí nad Labem: They protected the rorys!

Ornithologist Vclav Beran, who walked around the repaired stamps, pointed out the walled holes, which rorsi uses to nest. He noticed that adults were pouring into his breath under the roof and dreaming to break through them. They flew desperately around the building, trying to get inside, but they had no choice, because the ten-inch insulation did not break through, the ornithologist described.

okujc view

When Vera and the environmental inspectors looked at the wall with a special camera, it remained like a scam. The worst thing was when the threshing stock died inside, so we poured an egg that had been without the necessary heat for more than two days, the chain added.

Firma pr nevdla

According to a representative of the construction company Studio Jelnek, however, none of the debts knew about the occurrence of protective pipes. It is a novelty for us, we do not have the information in the opinion for the building permit and we must act to save what to save, he told him. His words were confirmed by the steck magistrt. There was no mention of the occurrence of rors in the 2018 documentation projects, said Pavel Toovsk, mayor of Steck. But whoever is responsible for the missing declined to comment. I can’t point a finger at anyone now, unless the results of the Czech Environmental Inspectorate (IP) and the police, Toovsk added.

A fine and two million

IP u started the first operation with a construction company, which stopped putting thermal insulation stamps. The company is cooperating, taking on a fine and two million crowns, as well as IP Ji Oveka said. He also drew attention to the approach of the Steck master. He decided he had the fact that here the nest rorsi, the master to warn the company, concluded the speech.

Ohroen ptk

Rors generally is a migratory bird of the svioun. Originally nested in the crevices of rocks and hollow trees. With the construction of buildings, he adapted to the nest in the openings and crevices of the masonry of buildings. In the Czech Republic, it is particularly protected as an endangered species.

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