Langmajer couldn’t keep his tears!  This gesture got him to his knees

If the actor arrives at the 7th floor of Honza Ddek on his birthday, he arranged by the moderator of the talk show for a whole year. But he had a condition! Naten, who is also defended by his wife By name Gondkov, must take place exactly on his birthday. Otherwise it will not come. A protoe Honza Ddek vdl, that it is also worth the complications of spesun naten, Langmajerovu fulfilled the condition.

Velk pesuny

I had Jirka Langmajer in the show several times, but not once in a pair with his wife Adla. When Adla mm was a guest in the first place according to losk sezna, Ji was able to pick her up and promised me at the bar that they would come together and she would have five hundred. When I recently called him a mermaid, which was supposed to be in front of us so that we could send the present to his birthday, he stopped me and said that he had two times written, but on the day of his birthday, which came out on Thursday. And no other time, revealed by Honza Ddek according to the Prima woman website.

But the sale of the sterm paid off for the moderator. It wasn’t easy, but it was shifted. And I’m rd, we had one of the best conversations. Adla sJim were unreal funny and so open, I even blushed,said Ddek, who stabbed the actors and was very surprised.

Langmajer celebrated his 55th birthday at 7 pounds Honza Ddek. He received nonsense from the moderator and the family

Tears come

I knew he had a healthy lifestyle, and I didn’t want alcohol or cake for him twice. Jirka is a bit of a hypochondriac and herself, so I gave him a collection of food and a dietary supplement. Jirka is such a violinist, it was all right, so I invited the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague, who studied and included the melodies of his most famous films and series. I was happy to see them moved, added npadit modertor. For Langmajer, the team clearly scored: I’ll tell you this, you moved me. I’m going to celebrate my birthday here, because it’s a free celebration, he bowed to him.

Pinour Langmajera, pelap Vereov. According to the expert, how are Czech celebrities doing on social sites?

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