Sommerhaus candidates Roland Heitz and Janina Korn want to be on television


Pack your suitcase and head to the summer house!

In the video: So great is the anticipation among the new summer house couples

The summer house couple separated a proud 26 years

In 1987, the summer house candidate Roland succeeded as Dr. Schweighardt made his breakthrough in the ZDF series “Die Schwarzwaldklinik”. In 1995 he played in the ARD series “Verbotene Liebe” and the 63-year-old was also in front of the camera for RTL – for example in 1999 for the daily soap “Unter uns”.

In places, the actor himself probably would not have believed that Roland and Janina would move into the “summer house of the stars” in 2021. In 2014, his wife, with whom he had been married for 27 years, passed away. After the sad event, the widower had come to terms with being single – but then Janina came along. When they ate together there was a spark between them. The age difference of 26 years doesn’t matter at all for Roland: Roland and Janina have been a couple for a good year now.

Janina was actually a happy single lady

Janina wasn’t actually looking for a new partner either. But the deep connection to Roland changed the voice of the single lady, who was still convinced at the time.

Just like her partner, the 38-year-old works as an actress and has appeared in series such as “Low and Kuhnt – Commissioners determine” and the VOX format “Rent, Buy, Live”. On the musical stage, for example, Janina has already appeared as Magenta in “The Rocky Horror Show”. In addition, the summer house candidate is on the road as a comedienne and in 2014 even tried her luck with “Das Supertalent”.

NDW star Peter Schilling is Janina Korn’s father

Incidentally, Janina also has a very famous father: “Neue Deutsche Welle” star Peter Schilling (65). The singer landed a huge hit in the 80s with the song “Major Tom”. However, Janina grew up with her mother.

We’ll soon see how she and Roland fare in the celebrity shared apartment on RTL and on TVNOW. (sleep)

Stream “The Stars’ Summer House” on TVNOW

Until the 6th season of “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” finally starts, there will be episodes of the previous residents of the celebrity flat for all fans on TVNOW.


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