Yanina Latorre admitted that she put a condition on her children, Dieguito and Lola, to travel to Miami

Yanina Latorre acknowledged that Dieguito and Lola He put a condition on them to travel to Miami.

The little angel chatted with Ángel De Brito in LAM and explained that her children had to meet a requirement to accompany her to settle three months to the United States.

De Brito joked about Yanina’s look in an informal note until the panelist said that “I have to Dieguito next door in Zoom and Lola in Zoom. That was the condition. “

“What are they in class?” He asked Surprised angel.

Tower He said “yes. In a room is Dieguito”.

Yanina Latorre admitted that she put a condition on Dieguito and Lola to travel to Miami: “They will stay until August.”

“Seriously,” he insisted incredulously driver.

Yanina He assured: “I swear to you. The condition to come to Miami it was that they continued with school ”.

“You know when they come back, how they zoom out the window,” he predicted Angel.

Tower he speculated “well, let’s wait because until August they are going to stay here.”

By Brito he was surprised by how far back the return to Buenos Aires was when he repeated “until August”

“Yes, until August”, closed Yanina before Angel it will go to a non-traditional advertising.


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