Audience ratings: “For heaven’s sake” top again

“For heaven’s sake” is slowly coming to an end. In terms of audience ratings, the series classic once again gets it all out.

The penultimate episode of the ARD series classic “For Heaven’s Sake” gathered 4.14 million in front of the screen on Tuesday evening. That corresponded to a 15.3 percent market share for the first and the 259th episode of the nun series from 8:15 p.m.

RTL had 2.76 million viewers (10.3 percent) with the cupboard soap “Bauer sucht Frau – Gerald & Anna im Babyglück”. ZDFneo reached an average of 1.75 million (6.4 percent) with the crime repetition “Marie Brand and the Trace of Fear” from 2016, the ZDF main program with the documentary “ZDFzeit: Germany’s sports stars – victories, crises, emotions” less: namely 1.65 million (6.1 percent).

The ProSieben ranking show “The world is amazed – the weirdest job breakdowns” had 1.23 million viewers (4.8 percent), the Sat.1 report series “112 Notruf Deutschland” 1.15 million viewers (4.3 percent) )

This year’s finale, the last episode of the eighth season of the Vox music session show “Sing my song – The exchange concert”, only reached 1.05 million (4.0 percent) – that was around 600,000 fewer than in 2020.

The RTLzwei report series “Hartz Rot Gold – Poverty Map Germany” switched 0.72 million (2.7 percent).

Jacob Taylor

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