An unusual situation happened on Tuesday night (8/6). Gilberto, Pocah and Carla Diaz were together, and the economist joined Arthur’s Instagram live. It was just for the two of them to talk, but Pocah wanted to show up too, and suddenly Gil moved the camera to the side to show that Carla Diaz was there. Arthur was apparently embarrassed. When Carla appeared on the screen, her neighbor screamed (celebrating?). Pocah tried to hide it and Gil held his hand over his mouth, amused. Arthur pretended he didn’t even see it, but he laughed. Check out: Rocket on tem r. I jt arriving at star Carthur, bb — Every day the same video of Carla at Arthur’s live (@CarlaliveArthur) June 9, 2021 In addition, Carla Diaz and Pocah were also with Thais Braz. The trio went to a live on Thais’ Instagram profile, and several people asked “where is Arthur?” or “is Arthur there?” Carla Diaz pretended not to read such questions, but Pocah made a point of answering them all. pocah: where is arthur?
carla: the people
KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK NO DA — dishwasher (@adescancelada) June 8, 2021 Interrogation on “Carthur” After leaving “BBB 21”, Carla Diaz made it clear that she didn’t want to continue her turbulent romance with Arthur . When he left, however, he said he was in love with her. The two said they would talk, in private, without spoilers for the public this time. On “BBB 101”, the former couple barely spoke. S greeted himself. Since then, they no longer talk about each other. Arthur, in every interview, gives evasive answers about dating. The couple has fans, who hope they get back together and stay together. But a large part of the public did not think the relationship was healthy for any of them. Now, outside the reality show, they can discuss and make their decisions away from the public eye. (Photo: Reproduction / Globoplay)

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