BTS launches test for ARMY of heart, can you solve the questions?

For FESTA 2021, the K-pop boy band launched a challenge for true ARMYs at heart and took a test with very exact questions to know your level of knowledge in the subject of BTS. Will you get a 10?

It’s 2021, BTS PARTY amazed you with group photographs and colorful concepts, but also surprised you with a difficult test that will be able to work your mind and the results will show you your true level of ARMY.

Through the official social networks of the interpreters of ‘Butter’ they published 3 tests of knowledge in the field of BTS, the Exam Test Sheet featured questions on all aspects of the career of the idols.

Many netizens joked that the leaves of the questionnaire They were only shared in Korean and English, so ARMY from this side of the world and from Spain responded with memes about the funny situation.

Other fans assured that they had not studied for him exam of general knowledge about BTS, so they were going to copy the answers and made jokes about school and this test online. LOL!

Next, we will show you the questions and options of the BTS in Spanish, so you can be part of this fun and unique dynamic of the PARTY 2021. Are you ready to do your best? Take the test!

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1.- Which of the following is NOT one of RM’s companion plants?

  • Cerezo
  • Korean juniper
  • Ginkgo tree
  • Arce
  • Rapmon

2.- What are the centimeters wide of the shoulders of Jin?

3.- What are the roles played by Suck on the KKUL FM 0613 storytelling radio?

Here you can choose all the options that apply:

  • little Prince
  • Sucker # 1
  • Tiger
  • Dorothy
  • Heung-bu
  • Mommy
  • Byeoljubu
  • Grasshopper
  • Storyteller
  • Rosa

In this question an image of Jimin, just be guided by the number.

4. The following is a screenshot from a BANGTAN BOMB video. Which of these phrases best describes the situation?

  • It feels so empty without the members
  • Freestyle is difficult
  • It’s hard to dance alone
  • I’m sweating too much
  • I’m going to sleep soundly tonight

5.- On December 24, 2020 the song of Jimin’Christmas Love ‘, one of the words in the lyrics was deemed untranslatable and ARMY showed their concern for the Korean language. What was the word?

6.- Which of the following is not a vocabulary term in the Tae-Tae language?

  • I’m very happy
  • Please do your best
  • Countless releases
  • Slim and diligent
  • Wait wait wait

This question also requires you to see the images, it is the last question in test 1.

7.- Which of the following options is not an image drawn by Jungkook?

  • End of test 1.
  • Test start 2.

8.- What is the place shown in the photograph below? You only see the image in the test, it is sheet 2.

9.- How many remix versions of Billboard # 1 has been released with ‘Dynamite’? The original song is taken into account.

10.- Choose the correct value for the last formula that is presented:

This question corresponds to the logo of the doors of BTS.

11.- List the ARMY BOMB in chronological order. Write the answer.

This question requires the image with the light stick of BTS.

12.- Which of these is the correct date and place of the ARMY’s founding?

  • March 8, 2014 at the Olympic Hall
  • March 15, 2014 at the Olympic Hall
  • March 22, 2014 at the Olympic Hall
  • March 29, 2014 at the Olympic Hall
  • March 30, 2014 at the Olympic Hall

13.- In which of the following shows of BTS Was ‘Borahae’ or ‘I Purple You’ first said?

This question requires a guiding image.

14.- List the names of the members of BTS in order of the official fanchat.

  • End of test 2.
  • Start of test 3 and the end.

Question 15, 19 and 20 are open.

15.- What is the name of the mountain that ARMY will never be able to climb?

16.- Look at the consonants below and write the first thing that comes to your mind.

They are letters in the Hangul language, you will find them on sheet 3.

17.- Which of the following is the official ARMY logo? Find the image and write the correct option.

18. Copy the following image. It is a red photograph where only the shadows of the boys from BTS.

19.- How was your experience with the exam from BTS?

20.- Write a message for ARMY that is working on the test at the moment.

This is the end of exam from BTS.

What do you think about the exam? Many fans got all the answers right, while others missed some, but no matter your score, with time and patience you will get to know more about Jin, Suck, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V Y Jungkook.

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