Truth be told: every couple in love has their favorite soundtrack. And with the arrival of Valentine’s Day, celebrated on Saturday, June 12, As Baas shares a romantic partnership with Pricles, in “Primeiro Beijo”. The track, which will be released the day before, on Friday (11), is a pagoda full of bossa that promises to rock the celebrations for the love of many people. The song’s plot is a love story that worked out. Do you know that delicious magic of the first kiss? Well… this is the background of the romantic hit. The melody and lyrics explore all the musical potential of As Baas and, of course, it also gained its visual version with video recorded in So Paulo, in a relaxed atmosphere and a lot of pagoda. The Baas and Pricles on the cover of First Kiss. Photo: DivulgaoS on the cover, you can already feel that the union of the trio with the singer Pricles, one of the biggest names in the genre in the country, will make “Primeiro Beijo” a great success. The song was also produced by Castilhol, who signs works such as “Numanice”, album of pagode by the singer Ludmilla and acts as musical director of several of Anitta’s works. In short: everything in hand. Always in good company, the last work of the trio was with none other than Ivete Sangalo. Also in celebration of a special date, in this case, Dia Das Mes, the four of them released the track “Me”, which won a beautiful music video, even presented at “Fantstico”. The music video was released on Sunday (09/05) and has beautiful scenes recorded by the sea, with an ethereal, smooth vibe. The clip shows the story of four mothers from Salvador, who are seen as true heroes not only by their children, but also by society. See the clip that has a beautiful photograph:

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