For Anna & Gerald: “Bauer sucht Frau” presenter Inka Bause sends personal congratulations to the christening


Inka Bause: “I’ll give you a hug and promise that I’ll stop by when Leon learns to walk at the latest!”

Leon’s baptism in the wedding field

“Leon Heiser, I baptize you …” A pastor, closest friends and relatives and the vastness of Namibia are witnesses. On the wedding field of the Heiser family, where all important stages of life are celebrated, the son Leon is appropriately accepted into the Christian community. The location could hardly be more suitable. After all, Leon means “lion” and this little “lion” now finds its place in the pack. And he’ll be fine. “I am really grateful to God for all the love that is in my life,” explains Anna – self-confident woman, overjoyed partner and now also a proud mother. We are happy with Anna, Gerald and Leon and are curious what the three of them have to tell us next. In the meantime, we have the beautiful baptism ceremony for you here in the video. (gdu)

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