Horst Pillau: Theater and television author has died

The Vienna-born playwright and screenwriter Horst Pillau is dead. He died in Berlin at the age of 88.

Horst Pillau (1932-2021) is dead. The playwright and screenwriter, who was born in Vienna and grew up in Berlin, died in the German capital, according to several media reports. Pillau’s death was due to his family about the “BZ” confirmed. The playwright died on the evening of June 7th.

In the long years of his work, Pillau wrote countless plays and wrote scripts for television, among other things. Not least, he became known for the television show “Dalli Dalli”, for which he also wrote scenes. His works include pieces such as “Das Fenster zum Flur”, which he wrote together with Curth Flatow (1920-2011) and “Der Kaiser vom Alexanderplatz”. Among other things, the television series “Stewardesses” and “It doesn’t always have to be caviar” came from his pen.

Jacob Taylor

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