Laura Lempika pregnant?  Nikola Lozina reveals the result and makes big confidences

This is the rumor that runs on social networks! Since Laura Lempika revealed the unexpected result of her last pregnancy test, internet users have been convinced that she is pregnant with her second child. More honest than ever, the former finalist of the eleventh edition of Secret Story also confided that he no longer had his period, a detail that did not fail to agitate his fans. Will little Zlatan soon have a sister or a brother? We finally have the answer. As you can see below, Nikola Lozina recently took over his account Snapchat to put things straight.

Nikola Lozina reveals the result of Laura Lozina's pregnancy test
Nikola Lozina reveals Laura Lozina’s pregnancy test result – Credit (s): Snapchat Nikola Lozina

So is the Lozina clan about to grow? Unfortunately for those who hoped, the answer is no. But if Laura Lempika does not wait for a happy event, her darling Nikola Lozina confessed that he was not against the idea: “Well, here is the result. Laura is not pregnant … I believed it because several factors these days made that … I would have liked me a second in stride … Even twins or triplets. “ To be continued ! And for even more news, find out if Nikola Lozina was at war with Bastos on the set of Objectif Reste du Monde.

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