Review |  A Fascinating New World – Vanessa Kirby stars in touching period drama homoaffective

In recent years, international producers have been more interested in homoaffective love stories from other centuries – possibly because both the audience and the screenwriters themselves have found ways to demonstrate that love stories, in their multiplicity, have been happening throughout of centuries, including non-normative ones. Thus, lesbian romances have been gaining more space, which center their stories on the awakening of love between women in a world and time dominated by the male universe. This is the theme of ‘A Fascinating New World‘, launch of the Sony for rent on demand on digital platforms.

At the turn of the year 1856, Abigail (Katherine Waterston) loses her daughter to an illness and to try to retake her life with her husband Dyer (Casey Affleck) in the little house where they live in the frozen European countryside, she takes care of the farm, ordering the cows, taking the eggs, making food, peeling vegetables. Your common and tedious routine is suddenly broken by the arrival of Finney (Christopher Abbott) e Tallie (Vanessa Kirby), your new neighbors. Faced with the empty immensity and brutality that occupy the daily lives of nineteenth-century women, Abigail e Tallie they will find an unexpected love in the friendship they nurture for each other.

Based on the original story written by Jim Shepard – who also collaborated on the script, alongside Ron Hansen – ‘A Fascinating New World‘ is a film-portrait whose objective is not to bring great emotions or present an in-depth story about the love between women, but to demonstrate how this affection is subtly constructed, with everyday brushstrokes in a time when the woman is an object they had the same function indoors. In this world without options, without gender inclusion, friendship and affection are the means by which women managed to develop emotionally, and therefore also among themselves, since loneliness and empathy walk together in the feminine isolation of the nineteenth century .

The construction of the film, however, is a little tiring. The little over an hour and forty hours are divided into narrative chapters, articulated by the protagonist Abigail who writes and reads his personal diary, recalling past episodes in his life. In addition to breaking the rhythm, this construction ends up preventing the spectator from fully immersing himself in the evolution of the protagonists’ novel – which, in turn, is also cut and relocated to the end, through the recovery of the memories of Abigail. In the direction of the project, Mona Fastvold I could have found a more agile and immersive way to tell that same story.

A Fascinating New World‘ is an abysmal and melancholy film, which portrays the lonely disillusionment of women in the 19th century, whose only way out is to welcome another woman. A good tool to look back at that time thinking about what changed in the world to come, that we live in today.

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