AWZ star Franziska van der Heide announces engagement


Franziska has been playing at AWZ since 2019

Franziska and friend Tim have been a couple for almost 8 years

While Franziska’s role Ina at AWZ is currently struggling with taking drugs, her private life is looking a lot brighter. As the 29-year-old revealed in an interview with the magazine “Bunte”, she and boyfriend Tim are not only on cloud nine, but were also able to look forward to a marriage proposal on New Year’s morning. “I didn’t expect the application at all. He found very, very touching words and almost more tears ran from him than from me,” said Franzi in an interview. And of course, with so much romance, Franzi couldn’t help but say “yes”.

There is no exact date for the wedding yet. Franziska and Tim only plan to do this when the corona situation has completely subsided. Then it should definitely be a free wedding. It should be the culmination of their almost eight-year relationship.

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