The former of Dimitar Rachkov he nailed it with his last public confession on the web, which shocked even his closest ones. “I’m pregnant”, wrote Maria Ignatova under her photo with her boyfriend Ivaylo Tsvetkov-Noisy, writes.

In the photo, he hugged her in front of the photographers, gently placing his hand on her belly. In the post, however, Maria is quick to add in her typical funny style: “Pregnant with ideas.”

Ignatova she likes to joke about her fake pregnancy, as the media often “puts her in a similar position.” This time, however Ignatova he just wanted to shock his fans and maybe annoy his ex Dimitar Rachkov.

These days, he appeared in public for the first time with his partner Anita Dimitrova. In order not to be left behind, Ignatova also decided to please with a little “update” fans and media, posting a provocative photo with Noisy. And return the gesture to Rachkov, of course.

The presenter never specified exactly what projects she was pregnant with and when these “ideas” would be born. However, her speech irritated her followers: “Why are you deceiving us like that ?! We really thought you were pregnant. Safe from PR games.

Jacob Taylor

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