The BTS is a group of multi-talented members and this is nothing new. They are incredible singers, rappers, dancers in front of cameras and on stages around the world, but they are also very talented songwriters and producers. And this is proven by the co-songwriter and vocal producer of “Butter”, the current single of the South Korean group and which is at the top of the Billboard Hot 100. Jenna Andrews, in an interview with the website Genius, highlighted the work of RM as executive producer of track and ripped praise to the leader of the BTS. Photo: Publicity“Really RM doesn’t get enough credit for its world-class executive production talent,” said Jenna. “Many who aren’t ARMY tend to forget or don’t know that in addition to being an artist and performer, he’s behind the scenes directing the sound of the biggest group in the world. A role that many earn comfortable salaries to play without the weight of an artistic agenda to follow”, he added. “Every musical decision he makes, most of them we’ll probably never know, impacts music and pop culture at the highest levels. Your ability to get the best of every member of your group in every song and work across language, cultural barriers and a whole hurricane of new contributors requires a superhuman level of professionalism and talent. He’s very humble when he talks about his contributions too.” “As an artist, the personality in his voice is amazing with a very identifiable tone. That kind of talent makes any vocal producer very happy. From a songwriting perspective, BTS is a seven-member group with both rappers and singers, so many demos that are selected aren’t finalized until the rap parts fit perfectly into BTS’s vision.” “RM’s lyrics and arrangements really built on what we expected with the demo [de ‘Butter’], both in theme and performance. It was their idea to put the rap at the end which was one of the special moments that made a world of difference in the final product. BTS made ‘Butter’ everything I imagined it could be when I first heard the melody and more.”

Jacob Taylor

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