Damián Betular’s career until reaching television

Damin Betular (38) he shines every night as a jury of MasterChef Celebrity (Telefe) and it is one of the favorites of the participants as well as the viewers.

His fun personality and original style when dressing made him stand out and today he is one of the most loved chefs on social networks.

Following its growing popularity, PEOPLE It tells you all about Betular’s beginnings in the gastronomic world and when it debuted on television.

The cook became interested in preparing sweet and savory recipes from a very young age. In several interviews, she said that this was due to her grandmother and mother, who instilled in her a love of cooking.

Betular was born in Dolores and at 18 she moved to Buenos Aires to study gastronomy. Later, he began working in a restaurant and began to have contacts that allowed him to grow in his profession. Pamela Villar was one of the cooks who gave him an opportunity and trusted him. In fact, Damin considers her his teacher from that moment on.

Damin Betular: the cook most loved by the public.

The next step in his life was to study and improve in New York and London, and then return to the country with all the honors. Due to his training and talent, he started working at the renowned Palacio Duhau and is currently the Executive Chef of the exclusive place located in Recoleta.

The first time he was in a television studio was in 2014 when he agreed to be the producer of the reality challenges. Buddy’s challenge, produced by Endemol, which airs on Discovery Home & Health.

One later, he participated as a guest in the second season of MasterChef. On that occasion, he excelled by giving a master class on macarons, which is one of the most recognized specialties in the French pastry shop.

His recognition on the small screen came in 2018 when he was summoned by Telefe to join the jury of Bake Off Argentina, the great pastry chef with Pamela Villa and Christophe krywonis. His excellent work captivated the producers of the show he hosted Paula Chaves, to the point that it was chosen to be in the second season that aired in 2020 in the midst of a pandemic.

Damin Betular shone in the two seasons of Bake Off Argentina: the great pastry chef.

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