Sit down, come history! Joalin Loukamaa, a member of Now United Finland, will open his memory chest and launch a book about some of the trivia of his life. Entitled “Mun Pouku Unelmiin” (something like “Meu Caminho Para os Sonhos”, in free translation into Portuguese), the project will initially be launched in audiobook format in the young woman’s country on July 15th. Reportedly, the work was written by Joalin’s mother, Johanna Loukamaa, and will be narrated by the singer herself. “The book has been on my mind for a long time. It’s wonderful to share my story with all fans and those who knew me through Survivor, for example. It’s very important to me that it was Mom, who always dreamed of making a book, who wrote it, she said Audiomaa, the platform where the audiobook will be published. (Photo: Reproduction / YouTube)The book aims to tell the trajectory of Joalin, a Finnish girl who lived a difficult life with her mother, but managed to reach the top of her success with Now United, a hugely successful global group by the four corners of the world. In the book, she talks openly about school bullying, exhaustion and rising at work. Also, give details of another delicate moment in his life, when he suffered criminal blackmail in Mexico. (Photo: Reproduo / YouTube)She, who is currently inactive at the NU, took the time to dedicate herself to the long-awaited project. And pay attention, Uniters! The platform intends to launch the audiobook in English and Spanish later this year. So I need to have a little patience to have access to the content prepared by the young woman, who is about to turn 20 years old.

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