Pietro Lombardi accounts for himself on his 29th birthday


Pietro is at peace with himself

“Just old man now”

DSDS made Pietro a star!

“A completely normal boy who suddenly becomes a superstar … Team Lombi, when I got this message, I was shocked,” he remembers his DSDS victory in 2011 and how hard his life was at that time: “Me was a little boy, insecure and full of self-doubt. Everyone smiled at me and told me that nothing would come of me … of course, I was only a secondary school student. Over time, I also learned to deal with my quirks and mistakes accept and when I look in the mirror, just accept myself, even if I am not perfect, “he says of his personal development over the years.

After his DSDS victory, he had experienced a real high-altitude flight – professionally and privately. He and DSDS vice Sarah Engels became a couple on the show, in 2013 the two married their son Alessio was born in 2015. The relationship with Sarah failed only a few years later.

But Pietro showed a good hand with his music, his TV engagements and collaborations, but also with his investments in real estate and a supermarket and slowly built up a real fortune. As he admitted in a YouTube talk in 2020, he earns up to one million euros in good months.

Despite his career high, Pietro never took off. As he revealed in the RTL interview in 2019, he is still struggling with existential fears today.

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Pietro has something planned for his fans

The 29-year-old has experienced and seen a lot – and is now very self-reflective: “Not everyone likes me, but I try to put a smile on my fellow human beings every day. Thank you all for accompanying me and I hope that you will I can still make you smile for the next few years! That’s the only thing I wish for today. ‘Be braver’, even if they smile at you or don’t believe in you. Every day a little braver and who knows where you are in one, two, five or ten years, “he advises his fans.

Finally, he addresses his fans and family, who have always been there for him: “Thank you to you !!! And thank you to my family. Thanks to everyone, by the way there will be a big surprise tomorrow,” he announced . What is it going to be? We are excited!

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