Remembrance of the first Cinderella: It never occurred to me that her departure was imminent.  He’s a real angel now

Eva Hrušková Michaela Feuereislová

June 10, 2021 2:11 PM

The sudden departure of Libuše Šafránková (✝68) affected all her friends. Eva Hrušková also mourns her colleague. “I’m in shock like everyone else, because no one could expect this. I have no idea what could have happened, “said in a sad voice.

Libuška was an important friend and confessor for her partner Jan Přeučil. “I didn’t know a better girl. He’s a real angel now, “she said.

She was in love with her husband and family, it is unfair what happened, a friend of Libuše Šafránková cries

He met his colleague during the filming. “We shot Traces of Life together in one part of Tomáš Magnusek’s series. There we got closer and talked. We found out that we had a very similar childhood, mothers and relationship with the sisters. My granddaughter Ela is also four years old, as is their Laurinka, “said Hrušková.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Hrušková and Šafránková were in frequent telephone contact.

“It simply came to our notice then. We mostly talked only about children and grandchildren. We didn’t discuss health much. Rather, she dealt with her Pepík (Josef Abrahám, editor’s note). It never occurred to me that her departure was imminent. “

As actors, they were in love with each other at the beginning and end of her career: A charismatic colleague remembers Šafránková

Mrs. Eva finds it difficult to accept that she will no longer hear her friend. She didn’t even have time to wish her a happy birthday. “I didn’t want to call her until today, I never call anyone on their birthday. Unfortunately, that is no longer possible. “ Hrušková added sadly.

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