Viih Tube’s participation in “BBB21” made people talk and, despite YouTuber having gone far in the competition, it was reputedly fake. Apparently, Renata Dominguez is playing the same game as her sister in “Power Couple Brasil”. This Wednesday (9), Dbora commented that the actress is always comparing participants to their families. Renata and Leandro’s quiet way in “Power Couple” irritates other participants (Photo: Reproduo) Although Renata and Leandro are very calm and always prefer to run away from confusion, the couple’s meek way is irritating Dborah, Bruno, Li Martins and JP Mantovani . The situation got even worse when, in the formation of the DR, the actress and her husband voted for the ex-Rouge and the model. After the program, the four were talking about Renata’s attitudes. “They go at the right time, they find the right hook [para se aproximar dos outros]”, declared JP. “When I was Casal Power, they loved me! [Falava que eu era] Very much like her sister. ‘You just like my sister,’” Dborah recalled. “Everyone brother, me and father,” replied Mantovani. Can you remember who had a similar game on “BBB21”? Yes, herself: Viih Tube. It is noteworthy that today, especially Li and JP, distrust this way of “wanting to please everyone” that Renata and Leandro demonstrate to have in “Power Couple Brasil”. “If the game is running properly, they’ll find out and go for it. If by chance Mari Sair, they will become other people. Because they will see that they are totally wrong. They are good people, they are just playing wrong”, declared Bruno. And a, is there any chance of a future alliance with them? It is worth remembering that the couples who are in the DR are: Carolina and Jonathan Costa, Mari Matarazzo and Matheus Yurley, and Nina Cachoeira and Filipe Duarte. From the chatter of the quartet, we know that, depending on the elimination, things can change on the reality show on Record. Did you like this article? Click here to read more Oh My God! by POPline. There are lists, trivia, virals, celebs, k-pop, reality shows and much more about pop culture!

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