Tatiana Dyková shocked!  Crazy desire to be ALONE

Pesto, as in the magazine Sedmika, left Tatina Dykov (42) prvnho manela Pavla echka, the father of their two sons Frantik and Cyril, another reason. At least that’s what she said. She wanted her free life again! J, a social hunter who never wanted to travel or just spend the weekend somewhere, I suddenly had a huge desire to be alone, just to be a single mother, explained years ago, for which the first marriage fell apart.

Tana Dykov: Toit sex is not for me!

Vojta was no longer the reason. However, Dykov (two Vilhelmov) did not succeed for a long time. Tebae tried to keep his relationship with the play and the song secretly, if in the end they came out. Vojta didn’t just show up, we’ve known each other for a long time. But I had no idea how, according to vmm life, admitted hereka according to the said magazine.

Pigeon Holubov with Morvková. Moderator Nova gave birth. And Vokov blew the role of Dykov!

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