4 Tips to Motivate Your Mom to Watch Dramas and Have Fun Together

Having someone to share the dramas with and talk about each new episode is great, your mom could be your ideal partner for this adventure of entertainment.

For some lucky ones, having a good friend who also has a taste for Asian productions is really exciting, they can talk about the actors, the surprises of the story and the unexpected twists, but there are some advantages in that it is your mother who also enjoys this hobby.

With it, it will be easier to watch a new episode or even a marathon of the drama, since living in the same house they could find the time to see it comfortably and also spend time together. In addition to having a good time following the story, this could be a method to get even closer, sounds good, doesn’t it?

However, it is not always easy to convince the people around us to give what we like a try, we know that after seeing a K-Drama they will surely want to see many more, but the first step is sometimes more difficult than we imagine.

For that reason, below we will tell you about some tips that could be of great help when taking her to know the world of korean dramas or Chinese.

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Tips for spending time with your mom watching dramas

Nobody better than you to identify what would be the ideal drama for your mother, if she likes romance then it will be really easy to find a perfect production, but you can also consider if she likes action movies, betrayal, fantasy and more. You can return to the topics on which he is interested, for example the work environment, past lives, family dynamics, etc.

Remember that the first impression is important, that is why the first drama that you recommend or the story that he begins to see with you must be adapted to his preferences.

For the first drama Perhaps the most appropriate thing is not to select a production focused on a youth or school romance, instead we recommend choosing more mature themes, with teachings and even a bit of humor.

The reason is very simple, it is likely that if your mother catches her attention K-Dramas O C-Dramas Juveniles, but if you want a hook that really catches her with the magic of these productions, you must hit the nail on the head and an alternative is to select stories with which she feels a little identified.

We know that you surely want to share your love for dramas, but it will be better if you both start sharing your hobbies. For example, if she is going to enjoy an episode with you, then you can also accompany her while she watches her novel or any other type of program, if she is not such a fan of watching TV or you don’t want to see what she enjoys, you can choose to spending time with her during a walk where she chooses to go, helping her with homework and so on.

We often like to feel the interest and closeness of others, but the relationship is more special if the feeling is mutual.

Many of the people who now enjoy watching K-Dramas At first they were not interested in them, sometimes it takes a bit of work to break stereotypes or get out of our comfort zone, so if you already invited your mother, you told her about the story they could see and still she does not cheer , we recommend giving you time.

If you agree the hard way, you may not enjoy the experience so much, so after making your recommendations, you will only have to wait. Maybe if she sees how much you enjoy drama, in the middle of a story she decides to get closer without pressing her.

At the beginning it might be useful to see dramas with dubbing alongside it, here we tell you where to watch K-Dramas in Latin Spanish.


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