Already gives spoiler about the next album: “the most chaotic”

After releasing “Amor Pirata” and “Joker“, Jo prepares her next studio album, the successor to “Anti-Heri“. The singer gave an interview to the journalist Foquinha channel on YouTube and spoke about the project, revealing that this album is the most “cactic” of his career. “I’m really happy with it,” Jo said of the J3, as fans dubbed the project. “A living thing for me, like that. I don’t take an album like ‘let’s make a bunch of cool songs here and we’ll put them together like a playlist’. I think there are albums that work like that and are made like that, but I don’t know how to do that. Would. But I can’t”, commented the artist about the creative process. Photo: reproduction @jao/InstagramDifferent from the previous albums, Jo produced the J3 amidst the pandemic, with few visits to the stadium. “It’s been pretty weird, like, I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but it’s pretty weird doing an album pretty much from a distance too. I went to the studio a few times. I had some really crazy periods of creativity and understanding myself, like that”. Then, he revealed that it’s not long before we hear the project: “Every time I finish an album, and this one isn’t too far from being finished, I feel like I’ve transformed a lot in the process of it. I know it sounds kind of romantic, you know ‘just an album dude, it’s not that serious’, but for my job and what I love to do, it’s a serious thing.” Photo: reproduction @jao/InstagramJo revealed that his next album is the most unpretentious of his career. “I think I’ve wanted to prove more things in the past,” said the singer of early career pressures. “I started with covers, and I wanted to prove to people that I could write, that I could sing and that I was a good artist. And I wanted to show that I knew how to sing like shit, that I knew how to hit the notes…These things permeated my head before”, he revealed. The artist explains that when he got rid of these charges, the creative process became lighter. “I wanted to find a sound that was very mine, but I understood that my sound is my voice, the way I write, in short, how I sing. The day it came down on me, like, I said ‘ok’, it was much more relaxed to make the album. I’m loving him, I’m listening a lot”, he said. Another project? Jo commented that he is preparing more than one project at the same time, but he didn’t give many details. “I posted in my Story an excerpt of that song, called “Idiota”, which will be on this record (…) I think it’s my most chaotic album, but I think it’s my most diverse album”, said the singer. The singer also compared J3 with his previous albums, “Anti-Heri” and “Lobos”. “My least diverse is the ‘Anti-heri’, I think it’s denser as a whole. There’s a song, that “VSF” that goes out of the way, but it’s my most cohesive album. The ‘Lobos’, I think the cohesion is less sound and more thematic. That [o prximo] there’s a lot going on, more chaotic and, therefore, I think he’s the prettiest”. Jo also said that he’s been producing some feats and talking about collaborations, but he doesn’t know if they’ll make the album yet.

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