Concern for the health of Susana Giménez: she was admitted to Uruguay for her coronavirus picture

After having given the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine in Uruguay, Susana Gimnez was infected with coronavirus. The information caused a great stupor and from the environment they assure that the diva was scared when she found out about the positive result and the symptoms that appeared.

The driver She was admitted this Thursday at the Cantegril Sanatorium in Punta del Este after registering complications in his coronavirus picture. Susana fHe was transferred in an ambulance from his house La Mary to the Sanatorio Cantegril with severe pain in the body.

In the sanatorium they carried out several studies to determine how their health is due to the low oxygen saturation in the blood that he had presented in the last few hours. They made him blood tests, a lung scan, and a chest x-ray. The intention is to rule out or confirm pneumonia. Meanwhile, wait for the results on the 4th floor of the VIP room of the sanatorium.

According to Angel de Brito, the symptoms began to appear the moment the second dose was given. Before the compatible signals, they performed the swab and during the first days of this week received the news that she was infected with COVID-19.

Faced with uncertainty, Gimnez spoke with Luis Novaresio in his program on A24. The speculations began to multiply and before this, he wanted to bring peace of mind. I saturate very well with oxygen, but I have a horrible body ache. I can’t speak, he said.

Susana Gimnez and her daughter Mercedes are in Punta del Este, in the house that the diva baptized as La Mary.

The one who spoke on the subject yesterday was Brito. After giving the news, he added: The first to have symptoms was one of her employees, but it is impossible to determine who was infected first. Susana first had a cough and then some pain.

On the other hand, the one who transits the disease, also with few symptoms, is his daughter Mecha Sarrabayrouse. In their case, as also happened with Patricio Gimnez, they were inoculated with the Chinese Sinovac vaccine.

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