Everyone caught on in the 10th episode of “On Vacation”

The 10th episode of “De Frias Com o Ex Brasil Celebs” didn’t have much bullshit, but there was a lot of kissing on the mouth. The entrance of Sander, ex of Marina, animated the house and the participants agreed to have a party with a lot of making out to remember the beginning of the season. And the, who was who caught who? Sander, ex of Marina, made the participant nervous with his arrival (Photo: Reproduo) Ex of Marina enters the house Marina is super nervous with the arrival of her ex, Sander. She, who loves a conversation, was even at a loss for what to say at the time of her testimony. The two seem to have a good relationship, but their story is complicated. The boy hooked up with another girl and when the influencer questioned him, he lied. Anyway, the Tablet of Terror chose itself to take the newcomer on a more romantic role. On the date, Marina and Sander talked, they managed to get right. In fact, they almost fought again. The producer did not want to stay with and during the tour. But, life that follows, no? Ortega questions attitude with Rico In the last episode, Ortega lost patience with Rico. After all, the comedian is always testing everyone’s patience. Even so, the veteran talked to Gabi and Matheus about his attitude. The two were worried about the aggressiveness, but agreed that Alagoas provokes everyone. Cabin of Secrets The Tablet of Terror rang and called the participants to the Cabin of Secrets. There, each one had to reveal who thought the mas “eat quiet from the list”. Naka, almost unanimously, was chosen by the people of the house. But Camila, Ortega’s ex, also got some votes. Neguin, Diego, Tarso, Ortega, Marina, Maju, Tain and Bruninho were also mentioned. The most voted, Camila and Naka, won a special pizza dinner and had the right, each one, to call three people. The surfer chose Ortega, Bella and Gabi Rippi. The blonde opted for Lus, Day and Bruninho. But, what was supposed to be a fun role, ended up causing more jealousy. Lary didn’t like it when Naka chose Bella. “I hope Bella is your friend for life, t?”, said the influencer to the ex. “I thought it was a joke, it didn’t take me. He’s only here because my ex,” he completed during his testimony. After that, he made a point of exposing his discontent to the rest of the house. Tain is jealous of Naka Bella has just arrived but is already causing in the house. The dancer spent a lot of time flirting with Naka and even declared in a statement that she felt a chemistry with the surfer. Who didn’t like it was Tain, who kept commenting in the corners that he was finding it strange that the two of them were close. After the veteran called Neguin’s ex for pizza, the DJ got even angrier and started with some teasing, saying that Naka hid the things he did. However, he did not make much of a point of rebutting the criticisms. Who will Tain marry? During a relaxed moment, the participants improvised a fake wedding. Tain married Sander. It was just a joke, but the two took the opportunity to make a dash too. Even so, the model was a little “concerned” about the commitment. But when the two went to bed, Naka also got in the way and ended up not having a honeymoon for the newlyweds. That is, everyone slept. Sometimes it’s good too, right? Polygamy in “De Frias”? Neguin and Bella have the agreement that no matter what, the two of them are going to talk about everything they’re doing, no one is going to limit anyone. But, both are free to say something when they are uncomfortable. The redhead said she’s enjoying Naka and the ex gave it his all. At the end of the conversation, the two even kissed to show that they are 100% good. “Polygamy comes from this place, right? From us deconstructing the relationship of ownership, understanding that we do not own anyone and that people are free to do whatever they want”, declared the girl in her statement. Four pair The Tablet played summoning Matheus, Lus, Tain and Sander for a ride. Which obviously made Rico quite jealous. After all, the guy still has interests in his ex and always makes that clear. But, the chosen ones did not seem concerned with the opinion of others. Matheus, Lus, Sander and Tain won a special tour (Photo: Reproduo) Well, of course there was a lot of kissing, just the way we like it. Lus and Matheus stayed again, even though he knew Rico might not like it. Anyway, that didnt stop anyone from doing anything. Upon returning to the house, Lus and Matheus had the idea of ​​playing a game: asking Fael to marry them so they could form a trisal. Rico didnt like it, he complained, but he did nothing. But he came up with a plan to get revenge. He arranged with Ingrid Ohara’s ex to be a couple during the party. General hitting in “De Frias” As the episode spoilers had already informed, there was a generalized hitting in this episode. Participants recognized that they were a little weak and decided to reminisce about the old days – the beginning of the season. The deal was everybody get everybody. They decided to play a game to spice things up and to fulfill the agreement, of course. At Lary and Tarsus kissed on the wheel. Can you believe it? Ortega also took the opportunity to have a remember with Maju. In the end, everyone caught on! The problem is that some audios started playing at the party and nobody understood anything. But the suspicion that an ex was about to arrive also scared them. Even so, that didn’t stop people from continuing the spree. Until the time the Tablet of Terror rang in the middle of the party. A new ex will be arriving in the next episode to break up someone’s party. 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