After recording a video featuring Gilberto and Lumena from “BBB”, singer Fiuk wants to work with more colleagues in confinement. He revealed that he would like to record a song with Juliette – the 21st season champion. “I always liked the timbre of her voice. He commented on the house with her. But everything on time too. Let’s see how things roll. She has an amazing voice and an amazing person. It would be really cool,” he said. (Photos: Reproduo / Instagram @fiuk and @juliette) Fiuk actually thinks partnerships can be rolled out with all the musical artists who were with him on “BBB”. “I admire all the musicians who were there. I think it is quite possible”, he spoke at a virtual press conference held on Twitter Spaces this Friday (11/6) to promote the single “Big Bang”. “Of course, in this first moment after ‘Big Brother’, everyone is in a very crazy rush. But I’m definitely going to take them for the rest of my life, and turn around and do something, try to come up with something together. Of course the pandemic doesn’t help much either. But when you can, for sure. I want them in my life and in my work”, he said. (Photo: Publicity)More “BBB” influence on career The experience at “BBB” should also be reflected in other aspects of Fiuk’s career. He said that he started to like the sertanejo after hearing so much of the musical style at the reality show parties. He even intends to produce some songs with a romantic touch. “I already had different lyrics. I’m going to start releasing some songs now… It will certainly influence it, because the experience there is very strong, unique, there’s no way to explain it. These days I wrote four country songs! I cant understand. I’m listening to sertanejo. When I was ten, 11 years old, I was in love with an album by Bruno and Marrone. It was the only pair I really listened to. All this time went by and I never heard it again. But it’s from ‘BBB’ singing it all. T really listening! It’s very crazy how a strong experience in life can change things that we can’t even imagine”, he said (Photo: Flavio Melgarejo)

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