MasterChef Celebrity: a member got a tattoo of Santiago del Moro’s face on his back

MasterChef Celebrity it became one of the quintessential programs on Argentine television. The rating, the number that he reaps night after night, makes him unrivaled. One of those responsible for this, in addition to the jury and the participants, is Santiago del Moro.

The conductor of the culinary cycle became one more star of the Telefe and the fans are multiplying every time. His growth is remarkable, but others also highlight his generosity as a co-worker. Precisely, someone who works with him, to thank him, did not hesitate to tattoo his face.

Is about Claudia Fasolo, the host of MasterChef Celebrity. Whenever she has the opportunity, she is constantly grateful for the job opportunities he has provided her. So, at this, he felt that a way to retaliate it was through a tattoo. You have to know how to give your body for something. Immense thanks, wrote on their social networks.

Claudia Fasolo showed the tattoo process (Photo: Instagram)
Claudia Fasolo

Immediately, the announcer, who knew how to work in that role in the Susana gimnez, among other programs Telefe, I received an infinity of comments. The vast majority were funny and many others not understanding the reason.

Claudia, in dialogue with Infobae, had explained what Santiago means in his life He changed my life and I will be eternally grateful. He has done many things for me that I am not interested in making public, but I consider him part of my family. He was always present and at the first opportunity he could give me work he did.

In 2018 he was left without a job, with debts, and in his networks he launched a desperate request that read: “I work whatever it is. I don’t care if it’s my profession or delibery, driver, babysitting, grandparents, receptionist, secretary …”. A few months later, when he was about to go to the south of the country, in search of another style, of life, he received a call from Telefe and an encouraging message. They were putting together the team of Who wants to be a millionaire? and del Moro asked her to be his announcer.

For his part, regarding the tattoo, del Moro, as soon as he found out about his friend’s madness, he went to social networks. Showing the photo of the tattoo, he said: Fasolo I love you. LOL.

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