Pampita in search engines: which are the most frequently asked queries by users

Dancer, model, actress, host and jury. Pampita He already has more than 20 years of career in the medium by dint of charisma and perseverance. Respected and loved by her peers, the young woman from Pampas who came to Buenos Aires to try her luck at the end of the nineties became one of the undisputed figures of the local show business today.

Then PEOPLE makes a review of the questions most consulted by users in search engines about their beginnings, their jobs, their loves, their family and their curiosities.

What is it called?

Ana Carolina Ardohain.

When do you meet the?

January 17.

Where are you?

In General Acha, province of La Pampa.

How old are you?

43 to.

Pampita on her first cover of GENTE in 2001.

What sign is it?


Cunto mide?

1.63 meters.

Why do they call her Pampita?

She got her nickname for being a native of La Pampa and also for a cartoon character created by Horacio Altuna in the late ’70s. This character represented a physically beautiful and roundly curvy young woman.

Where do you live?

Last November, he moved into a three-story residence on Avenida Figueroa Alcorta in Palermo. She lives there with her three children and her husband, Roberto Garca Moritn.

How was he when he was young?

Pampita when she was consecrated as “National Queen of Students” in 1994.

What does she look like with short hair?

In 2017, he encouraged a radical change of look by cutting his long hair. At that time, she joined the trend of sporting the famous bob cut.

Where to study?

In Santa Rosa, the capital of La Pampa, you attend elementary school at Escuela N 1 and secondary school at Colegio Repblica Argentina. In addition, she studied classical ballet for nine years. She became the National Queen of the Student and the Provincial Queen of the Wheat in San Salvador de Jujuy.

How did you get famous?

Pampita worked as a sales clerk at a John L. Cook store. Brand that allowed her to make her first photo production wearing her clothes in 1999. At that time she was discovered by the model representative Pancho Dotto, who saw her images on the public road and did not hesitate to hire her. Thus began her modeling career.

How did you meet Benjamin Vicua?

It came at an unexpected time. I met him doing an interview for a pilot where he was a host and he was the guest. He had a terrible time, everything went wrong in that pilot, he was a very poor production with friends, we took him to a horrible hotel in Salta, he had to travel and the flight was delayed about eight hours, but he was barbaric. The pilot never went out, but this love turned out, so suddenly, related about his first meeting with the Chilean in Susana Gimnez’s program.

At the time I went to Chile and he told me that he was going to help me with the project and it was a lie. Actually he wanted to conquer me, he was interested in the project but it was all a lie, funny memory.

Together they were the parents of Blanca in 2006 (who died in 2012), Bautista in 2008, Beltrn in 2012 and Benicio in 2014.

Pampita and Benjamn Vicua in 2007.

What does it look like without Photoshop (without digital retouching)?

Pampiata a cara lavada en 2016.

What do you eat? How is it taken care of?

“Caro is super healthy and very disciplined. She is not a friend of excesses: she never drank alcohol or consumed drugs or cigarettes. She drinks two to three liters of water per day and refuses to slavish diets. She eats conscientiously, in doses measures”, detail Gastn Member, his manager, in an interview in 2018.

Meanwhile in Pampita Online revealed this year that she has no cravings for pregnancy. I like them a lot the fruit Y vegetables, he commented on his Net TV cycle.

Who did you see Pampita on your show?

Your stylist, Mercedes mechi ugarte, is in charge of preparing her different looks for Pampita Online, ShowMatch or events where the model participates.

“I try to choose different designers for each gala or event. I use neutral colors, I don’t use prints. I like glitter, silver, gold, nude, white, black and every so often a red dress”, detail Ardohain in dialogue with TN Show.

Choosing your looks is an important task in your daily work.

Who works at Pampita Online?

The panelists who have been or are with Carolina Ardohain in her Net TV cycle are Gabriel Oliveri (2017-present), Paula Galloni (2017, 2019-present), Juliet Novarro (2017-present), Barby Franco (2019-present), Carolina Hadelmann (2019-2020), Alejandra Martinez (2019-present), Cora de Barbieri (2020-present), Natalie Weber (2021 – present), Paul muney (2020-Present), lvaro Norro (2019-Present), Mica Viciconte (2020), Angie Balbiani (2017-2018), Hernn Drago (2019-2020), Puli Demaria (2017-2020), Barby Simons (2017-2018), Natalia Chamorro (2017), Luis Pieyro (2018-2020), Sol Prez (2018), Faith Bal (2018), Roco Guirao Daz (2019-2020), Geraldine Neumann (2019-2020), Juliet Kemble (2019-2020), Antonella Macchi (2019-2020) and Silvina Luna (2020).

Pampita and Roberto Garca Moritn were married on November 22, 2019.

Who did you marry?

With the gastronomic entrepreneur Roberto Garca Moritn in 2019.

What if?

The couple gave the yes, I want in the gardens of Palacio Sans Souci. They then held a celebration with family and friends at a dream wedding.

Eight months pregnant, she is going through her last weeks of gestation.

When do you expect to have your daughter?

Pregnant with her first daughter with Roberto García Moritn, the model revealed in ShowMatch who has a due date for him July 22.

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