Pampita tried to "Mariano" Mariana Genesio Peña and they destroyed her

The name of Carolina Pampita Ardohain became a trend after the failure he had on the air with Mariana Genesio Pea when calling her “Mariano”. A shower of Internet users branded her as transfbica for this that action.

Pampita was in the middle of a controversy after announcing that the second couple saved at the Showmatch: The Academy (El Trece) of this Thursday, June 10, was the one made up of “Mariano”, although it was quickly corrected and Mariana Genesio Pea said.

“The second couple saved is Mariano’s … Mariana Genesio!”, Pampita shot. “We liked it, we saw another Mariana. Besides, her spectacular accompanist dancer. The stand up at the beginning, and they looked for everything to make it a very complete show so I liked it a lot”, added the member of the jury. “Thank you very much,” returned the actress with a smile.

The words of the 43-year-old model and driver were barely heard Twitter estall with a barrage of messages from users who repudiated and disapproved of the tremendous failure with Genesio Pea. Angel of Brito published a tweet where he only put “Mariano”, giving an account of the moment that had been generated.

“They saw how these last days the networks fell, the paper of Albert0 and now this of Pampi7a … I will only say: Mercurio Retrogrado”, “She’s transphobic too”, “Pampita is bad that is not a failed act that is she in reality “,” It is seen that being pregnant gives you some impunity “,” Transphobia escaped “,” Mar Tarres can breathe now “, were some of the messages that were read against.

However, another large number of Internet users remarked that Carolina Ardohain instantly apologized. “He corrected it immediately. MarianoMariana. And he also apologized”, “I apologized, little angel, he did not do it with intention”, “It was a mistake … stop fucking … you get tired”, “Pampita has dyslexia … I remember the Joy, x Jey Mammon “,” he corrected immediately “, are other messages left by users on the bird’s network.

Before debuting in The academy, Mariana Genesio Pea had recognized that the visibility of diverse identities, including trans people in the big television shows it was a social conquest.

“A little this is a conquest of all, it is an evolution as citizens with respect to people with different orientations and gender identities. For us trans people and with diverse gender identities it is also a lot because we always expect society to change, and guarantee us new projections. My great goal is to transmit another way of military, a way more rooted in self-esteem and self-acceptance, he had expressed in dialogue with the cycle In case the Flies in La Once Diez / Radio de la Ciudad.

Pampita’s apologies to Mariana Genesio Pea after the controversy

Upon returning from the court, Pampita took the floor and I apologized to the actress for calling her “Mariano” at the time of saving the couple to continue in The Academy 2021.

I had a horrible crash, from my brain because I’m dyslexic. I told Mariano to Mariana, I corrected him very quickly because I realized that I was saying it wrong, “said Pampita, somewhat nervous.

And he continued: “Obviously it’s Mariana, I respect her, I admire her, I love her and I love her. But I don’t want the doubt to remain with that. And the people who know me know that I have serious problems with the subject of names, but there is nothing behind it, he closed.


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