‘Save Yourself Who Can’: Úrsula takes it away from Téo by accusing Úrsula and takes a radical attitude

Final stretch of the novel “Salve-se Quem Poder”: Ursula (Aline Dias) will overdose and will be found unconscious after get dumped by Téo (Felipe Simas). This occurs when the villain tries to reconnect with her ex after he and Luna (Juliana Paiva) break up because of the girl’s decision, the target of revenge and blackmail from the secretary. The one who anticipates is TV columnist Daniel Castro. The seven o’clock serial came out in recent weeks and is expected to say goodbye on July 16th.

In Daniel Ortiz’s soap opera, Úrsula set out to unmask Luna/Fiona in front of Helena (Flávia Alessandra) shortly before the surgery that left Téo in a wheelchair. When the documentary filmmaker wakes up, he calls for the young woman, but is prevented from seeing the girl by her family and her ex, Ursula, who is addicted to tranquilizers. To stay away from the physiotherapist, Micaela’s brother (Sabrina Petraglia) is punished by his stepmother and loses his cell phone.

Novel ‘Save Yourself Who You Can’: Téo gives away in Úrsula

Skulduggery, Úrsula wants to make use of the situation to show that Luna lied when she said she went to college in São Paulo. Alejandro’s future rival (Rodrigo Simas) doesn’t even listen to his secretary. And to the bad luck of the villain, Téo opens the game with the shrew. “Okay, let’s say it’s true. That Fiona’s mother’s name is here in the document, Cíntia Matteuchi, and not Ermelinda (Grace Gianoukas)… She didn’t study at USP (University of São Paulo) in Ribeirão Preto “, begins the son of Hugo (Leopoldo Pacheco), responsible for the criminal organization that executed a judge at the beginning of the plot.

And Teo is still stepping on the evil desk. “I’m sure she’ll have an explanation for everything! Ursula, you know I have the greatest affection for you. You’re part of my life, we’ve dated for so long… But if you had all this work, Fiona investigated, thinking that we… That there is still some chance of us coming back… It won’t happen……”, sentences Luna’s ex, who will discover that she is Helena’s daughter.

But Luna/Fiona’s rival doesn’t give up and insists that, unlike her, she never lied to him. “If Fiona is the person you’re saying, it won’t be this disappointment that will make me come back with you. You need to understand that it’s over. You have to get on with your life”, reinforces Téo, hearing from Ursula that she deserves another chance. Again, Téo says that it’s all over between them, but he still worries about the viper when he asks her to leave the tranquilizers aside. Despite the promise, Ursula does not keep it. Soon after, Vicky (Mila Carmo) finds her passed out in the emporium and soon asks for help.

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