The oldest reportage photo: From 1841!

With his camera, Franz captured the first of the Boho Tla festival at the Brno Green Market. he photographed the live event from the window of the Reduta Theater. He had to repent, and before he stopped to pray, he needed a few minutes for the exhibition. The original is now being exhibited for the first time by the Brno City Museum in prisms at the Pilberk Castle.

After those days, however, the escape is exchanged for a modern image from the same city, which was re-daguerreotyped. It is not possible to exhibit a rare escape at all times, external influences would irreversibly damage its structure, said the state’s curator Petr Vacht. After the invention of daguerreotype, a number of images were taken until 1841, but the day of them is not a so-called report, ie it does not show people in motion even during an event, he explained, for whom the image is unique.

Photographer pevrat

The method of Louise Daguerra (pictured) from 1837 turned daguerreotype into a copper wave, it would be a complex process. Tvrka had it patented in 1839. It was a method of exposure to a silver plate treated by a chemical process. Each plate was original, it did not allow making a copy.

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