This is La Mary today, the farm in Punta del Este where Susana Giménez decided to seclude herself from the coronavirus

Susana gimnezIn addition to his house in Buenos Aires, in the Parque neighborhood, he has a property in Miami, United States, and another in Punta del Este, Uruguay. When it comes to talking about his favorite, he does not hesitate. His answer comes immediately, almost without thinking: it is La mary, the farm that is located in Rincn del Indio, at stop 24 in the exclusive area of ​​La Barra, in the neighboring country.

For this reason, in full confinement due to the coronavirus in 2020, the Uruguayan citizen barely managed to cross the pond. This happened a year ago and, although he came sporadically, like when he had to operate on his elbow, as soon as he was discharged he turned back. There he feels the tranquility that is found nowhere else.

When he acquired it 30 years ago, he did not hesitate to baptize it as La Mary, in honor of the film that he starred in 1974 with Carlos Monzon, his boyfriend later. For a time I left it as it was I bought it, but over the years it was making extensions. There he receives family and friends, that is why he always looked for comfort for everyone.

Respecting the original helmet, to that colonial-style construction, he added more rooms, expanded the living room and the gallery, taking the dimensions to about 1500 square meters.

The entrance to La Mary, with the logo similar to the poster that was used to promote the movie

He also made repairs to the exterior of the property. Taking advantage of the 9 hectares of field, he enlarged the dimensions of the pool to 120 square meters, but he also made a lake and some baths that are part of his daily walk. There you have ducks, geese, goldfish and other wildlife that came and stayed. Susana, when she is there, is in charge of feeding and caring for them. In her golf cart she travels the field, accompanied by her dogs, and checks that everything is going well.

It is located in a very quiet area, where there is no noise, only the song of the birds and the branches of the trees hitting each other. The streets are dirt, because what, except for the odd truck, there is almost no traffic. Even for the days you are looking for something else, especially in summer, the beach is about four blocks away. A whole area where comfort is at your disposal.

The Mary seen from the air

The entrance to the field is one of the most recognized. Every visitor who comes to Uruguay for the first time usually goes to see that wooden gate and the arch, with that old rose that never changed and the name La Mary above it, with the same typeface as the movie poster.

As for its interior, the living room is painted red and sports an imposing painting by Frida Kahlo on the fireplace that, to someone unsuspecting, had to clarify that it is not an original painting. In that place, take the opportunity to have tea and read until sunset. Thanks to its large window, you have a unique view in which you always watch the sunset. The diva’s suite is located on the second floor and has a terrace balcony.

The living room of La Mary, a place where he takes the opportunity to read

In addition, the Uruguayan journalist Gustavo Descalzi the cont has PEOPLE that the mansion is inhabited throughout the year. Although Susana is not there, there are personnel in charge of maintenance. The house is very large, it has the capacity to receive 16 guests, account. Historically, he had two female employees, the married couple, and three outside employees. The gardener and the pool maintenance manager. There was a boss or person in charge of personnel, imagine that in order to have all that in condition and neat, many hands are needed.

Susana Gimnez fed her goldfish

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