What to do after getting a tattoo? 4 tips to take care of your tattoo

Many doubts always arise at the moment in which we want to do something for the first time, with tattoos there is no exception, because there are many recommendations and care to follow so that your skin heals the tattoo perfectly, here we will give you some care that will help you if you want get your first tattoo.

There are many myths about tattoos, on the parts where it hurts the most, on the inks, among others; there are also endless designers They have incredible catalogs to bring a beautiful design on our skin. Or simply if you are too passionate about something and want to carry it with you forever, you can get it tattooed.

Many may take it as one decision very important, something that is not taken lightly because a tattoo It is something that you carry on your skin forever and sometimes regrets may arise; although if not, it can be a fantastic decision to have something that you love both in your heart and in your heart. skin.

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And it is also very important to take care of the tattoo so that it does not lose its color or become infected, causing damage to your skin or that the design because of not taking care of it, that is why we invite you to follow our advice to take care of your fresh tattoos.

4 cares for a fresh tattoo

This step is very important, as the tattoo must be kept very cleansed to avoid infection, when you finish tattooing, the design on your skin will remain bandaged; 2 to 4 hours after the bandage, it can be removed to perform the first cleaning tattoo.

To clean your tattoo freshly made, you should wash your hands and have a soap smooth, antibacterial and fragrance-free; with Water Warm wet your tattoo and gently wash it only with the fingers of your hand. It is important rinse the area until it is free of soap.

Remove everything you can but always gently and if there is blood or ink that cannot be removed, there is no problem because they will be removed in the next washes; to dry your tattoo after washing you can use a washcloth of paper without rubbing it against the tattoo or scrubbing it. East process it should be done 1 to 3 times a day.

Finally and when the tattoo is completely dry, it is necessary to apply a special cream or ointment to keep the whole area well moistened.

A tattoo It is like a wound, and therefore 4 to 5 days after having tattooed you will begin to see that small ones are created scabs on it, this is perfectly normal, you can still experience a bit of burning or itching but it is not something exaggerated.

It is important to keep the moisturized and clean following the cleaning process from the previous tip; Scabs should never be forcibly detached or scratched, they will fall off on their own as you continue cleaning and healing of the tattoo.

It could also cause a lot irritation or discomfort the tattoo at this stage, it is important not to wear very tight in the tattooed area and also never scratch or rub; you can put some ice or cold water to avoid discomfort.

For at least 15 days you should avoid exposing your tattoo freshly made in the sun, since exposing it to sol It can cause the ink to fade and the design to fade; That is why it is important not to go to the beach if you have just tattoo.

The most recommended for tattoos freshly made is that a month you can wear it incredibly anywhere without scabs, irritation or hide it from the sun.

Although it is no longer necessary to wash the tattoo many times a day or hide it from sol, yes it is important to use sunscreen and stay hydrated so that the tattoo does not lose life; which is normal for it to do so after a while but not very fast.

So you can have a tattoo very beautiful for longer and show it off everywhere you go, maybe later it will be a matter of retouching it, but that will take a long time to pass.

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