Jojo Todynho kicked off the POPline Challenge, our board that airs on YouTube and IGTV, where artists passing through POPline.Space pick three of their biggest music inspirations from the entire Regards Store CD catalog to share with fans And, for this Saturday (06/12), it was Ana Vilela’s turn to show her influences in the pop universe! Right away, the singer chose the first album by the duo ANAVITORIA, which bears the girls’ names. “When ‘Trem Bala’ happened in my life, this album had just come out and I listened a lot in that period of my life. I listened a lot and was inspired by them, I liked to compose similarly and when ‘Trem Bala’ happened and we had a contact. Ana contacted me and it was time to meet the girls. They brought a lot of new stuff”, says the artist. First LP of Anavitria’s career, entitled “Anavitria”. Photo: DivulgaoCrossing borders, the artist selected “Changes”, the latest work by Justin Bieber. “Most recent and it was an album that changed my way of listening to music. I listened to a lot of national music, MPB, a lot of pop from here and his album came out, with the series’ strategy, I watched it and I was very interested. He has a lot of R&B references, and I started to listen more. So, I think I’ve matured a lot musically speaking”, evaluates Ana Vilela. Justin Bieber promotes the album “Changes”. (Photo: Divulgao)Famous for the track “Trem Bala“, Ana Vilela is now disclosing the track “Tanta Gente”, already available with a clip and all. The single brings exciting piano touches and sensibility. “It’s a message from such a crazy time that we are living and reflect on these things. I hope you like it a lot”, highlights the singer, who celebrates another success in her career.

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