G7 summit: Duchess Kate and Jill Biden attend school

Topics beyond big politics are also important: Duchess Kate and Jill Biden emphasized the importance of education and early childhood education.

After their first meeting on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Cornwall, Duchess Kate, 39, and First Lady Jill Biden, 70, pointed out the importance of early childhood.

These years before school are the ones that are really important for lifelong development, wrote the wife of British Prince William (38) and the wife of US President Joe Biden (78) in an opinion piece published by CNN on Saturday.

“This matter should interest parents and non-parents alike,” said the two of them. “If we want strong economies and strong societies, then we have to make sure that those who raise and care for children get the support they need.” They both believe that early childhood care and education should be one of the defining strategic issues of our time and that there needs to be a fundamental change in their two countries’ approach to these childhood years.

In Cornwall, in the far south-west of England, Kate and Biden attended a primary school on Friday that also teaches traumatized children. There they had also taken part in a discussion on the role of early childhood in later development.

Jacob Taylor

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