EM game: Princess Mary in shock – she followed the drama about Christian Eriksen live in the stadium

She was live in the stadium: Princess Mary of Denmark watched the game against Finland with her husband, Crown Prince Frederik. She spoke of a “great horror” .–

It is the shock moment of this European football championship: The Danish international Christian Eriksen collapsed in the game against Finland on Saturday evening. In front of the thousands of spectators in the stadium, paramedics and doctors initiated resuscitation measures. The audience quickly recognized the dramatic situation. Many put their hands over their faces, some burst into tears. Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary also sat in the arena.

Photos show the 49-year-old together with her husband, Crown Prince Frederik, in the stands. Visibly shocked, she watched the dramatic scenes that played out before her eyes after the 42nd minute. Mary held both hands in front of her face, tears in her eyes. Meanwhile, Crown Prince Frederik looked at his cell phone – apparently to get new information about Christian Eriksen’s condition.

On Saturday evening, the Crown Prince couple spoke up via Instagram: “The most important thing tonight is that Christian Eriksen is doing well under the circumstances,” the couple wrote. “It was touching to see the incredible team spirit and support from players and fans after the great shock we all got,” said Mary and Frederik after their stay at the stadium.

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Christian Eriksen on the mend

Eriksen is currently in the Rigshospitalen hospital in Copenhagen. So far, the doctors there have not published any further information on his health. In the evening, the Danish Football Association announced that the 29-year-old was awake and accessible. His condition is “okay”. Further examinations will be carried out during the day. It is currently not known whether a medical bulletin can be expected today.

In a chat with his Inter Milan teammates, Eriksen said he will be back soon.

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