Julien Bert: Absent from the cast of the Marseillais vs the rest of the world 6?

Big revelations have just fallen about the casting of the Marseillais vs the rest of World 6. And that concerns Julien Bert.

Julien Bert has been talked about a lot lately. Indeed, big rumors run on the web about it. According to several sources, the young man would have been violent with Hilona, ​​from whom he separated some time ago now. A blogger had in particular balanced: “Yes Hilona had an abortion twice because Julien was violent with her. I’m not talking about a slap in the face. Violent, violent! So it scared her and she had an abortion because at the time she did not want to have children with a violent man. This is the reason why they broke up. “. Words that did not fail to challenge Internet users. However, Julien denied everything. He had expressed himself: “Huh sorry? But you stop with your conners please. I’m not a violent guy at all, let alone the woman I love most in the world.“. It remains to be seen who is telling the truth. In any case, today Julien is talking about him for another reason. Indeed, he made a surprising request to the production of the Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6.

Julien posted an ultimatum

Ⓒ Instagram @ob Objectifrdm some info about Julien

The blogger Nabil made some investigations and threw screenshots of a private conversation between Julien Bert, Hilona and the producers of Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6. We see in particular that the young man wrote: “You put it in the cross, you don’t count on me”. Of course, this is about Evening with whom he has been at war for a few weeks. So, will the production take Julien’s side and blow up Illan? This would be very surprising, since Illan has many stories to settle with Adixia, Paga or Bastos. Who says history, says audience. Julien meanwhile, will he keep his word and withdraw from the cast if his worst enemy is part of it? Nothing is certain at the moment. Especially since neither he nor Illan have yet expressed themselves following the release of this information. To be continued !

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